Ethereal Mists

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(Please note we have added the light reflectance values (LRV) for each color below.)

Color images below should only be used to get an overall idea of the paint color since color renditions can vary from monitor to monitor. The actual paint color can only be accurately determined by obtaining our hand-painted samples or sample jars.

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Alexandra Blue (for walls & ceiling) is the color of the sky at twilight. Its violet undertones make it a perfect complement to any of the greens above. We use it often in bedrooms as it has a peaceful,calming effect. Whenever a room has either crown or picture molding, we use it on ceilings so you'll feel as if you're outdoors on a sunny day.

Gustavian Grey (for walls & ceiling) is the color of a clear mountain stream, so chameleon-like it changes from pale gray to green to blue. A color also used frequently in Sweden.

Lavender Mist (for walls & ceiling) is a very pale gray with a hint of lavender.

Bone (for walls, ceiling & trim) is an off- white with a beige cast.

Cameo (for walls & ceiling) is an exceptionally soft pink which fosters emotional healing, love and protection. Its youthful, nurturing qualities are perfect for feminine bedrooms.

Rainbow Fog (for walls, ceiling & trim) comes across as a very pale, subtle taupe. It is one of our most chameleon-like colors; perfect for those who want all the healing qualities of a full spectrum paint without much color.

White Opal (for walls, ceiling & trim) is a sparkling white comprised of a broad spectrum of healing pigments.

Classic Cream (for walls, ceiling & trim) is the rich color of ivory, yet encompasses a full spectrum of pigments which keep it constantly changing.

Snow (for walls, ceiling & trim) is a creamy white that sparkles like fresh snow.