Nature's Palette

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Lichen (for walls, ceiling & trim) is the ideal mix of gray, blue and green. It mixes blue's calming, gentleness with green's healing, rejuvenation & balance and adds the relaxing, contemplative qualities of gray. Thanks to being featured in House Beautiful's 2012 March Color issue article "Favorite Greens", it is one of our most popular greens.

Ashen Green (for walls, and ceiling & trim) is a very versatile cool, bluish-gray green, that could also be described as a deeper shade of Lichen. Its blue undertones add a serene, calming quality to green's other healing attributes.
Magnolia (for walls, ceiling & trim) is a dark, restful, soothing blue-green. Its properties cultivate mental activities like reading and studying. Used in rooms with lots of windows in warm climates, it has a very lush coolness creates a tree house effect.

Edgewood Green (for walls, ceiling & trim) is a subtle green with brown undertones, encouraging a grounding and stabilizing effect. It looks great with wood cabinetry and also makes a great trim color.

Sage (for walls, ceiling & trim) is a lighter shade of our popular Edgewood Green and has the same qualities. The two work well together.


Chartreuse (for walls and ceiling) Although popular, it’s always been a classic and has been used successfully in traditional interiors. A “natural” inspired by the lush, tropical rainforests, creating the energy of health, rejuvenation and renewal. Featured in the June 2012 House Beautiful as a healing color that will transform your life!

olive Serene Green (for walls, ceiling & trim) which is a soft, cool blue-green that promotes health and a sense of well-being.

Spring Green (for walls, ceiling & trim) fits its name: Rejuvenation! It is a light, warm green, yet still has that versatile, earthy quality.

Peridot (for walls, ceiling & trim) is a darker, warm green with the exact hues of the gem it is named after. Also known as "Paris Green", this color is used by many Paris antiques stores, as it brings out the luster of wood tones.

olive Tulip Leaves (for walls, ceiling & trim) is a unique green, the color of tulip leaves. It has both warm and cool undertones which make it both refreshing and soothing.
Olive (for walls, ceiling & trim) is a dark, warm green, that works well with all of our other greens. Suggested trim colors: Rainbow Fog, Clay, Lichen, Edgewood Green or Sage. For earthy drama, try it with Kennon Ivy.

Clay (for walls & ceiling) is one of those chameleon colors, a warm grey (or is it green?) that is very soothing and works well with Ashen Green, Lichen, Sage or Olive trim. LRV-39.7

Kennon Ivy (interior & exterior) is a dark, brownish green we use often on porches and outdoors in many finishes (opaque & semi-transparent stains as well as paint).It blends beautifully with trees and shrubs. Used as an interior color, it inspires stability, grounding and security.


Dusk (for walls & ceiling) is a crisp pale blue sky color that brings peace and serenity to any space.

Sky (for walls & ceiling) is a subtle grey-sky blue that makes a great bedroom and/or ceiling color as it induces sleep and reduces inflammation.

Azure (for walls & ceiling) is a medium sky blue that makes a great bedroom color as it also induces sleep and reduces inflammation.

Wedgewood (for walls & ceiling) is a medium gray blue. A good color for any room that you want to relax, read, study or sleep in.

Slate (for walls & ceiling) is a deep gray blue with violet undertones. It’s soothing, mental qualities make it a good color for most rooms where you want to feel relaxed. Trim color suggestions: Mushroom, Snow, Classic Cream or Greige.


Buttercream (for walls & ceiling) is a soft yellow with just enough pink to give it a rosy glow without turning peach. It is a mental, intellectual color promoting creativity, logic and organization. Reminiscent of sunshine, it also encourages hope and optimism. Featured in September 2007 House Beautiful Magazine, HB's Colors for Your Home and iPad App as a color that is both uplifting and calming.


Cornsilk (for walls & ceiling) is a soft yellow with a twinge of green that stimulates both creativity and hope (as all yellows do). Cornsilk was featured in the October 2012 House Beautiful Magazine, pg. 52.

Buttercup (for walls & ceiling) is a pure light, bright, very cheerful yellow.

Luminaire (for walls & ceiling) is a rosy yellow that falls between Buttercream and Honeysuckle in value. Soft, yet cheerful. Definitely a yellow, but never an "in your face" yellow. Classic.

Honeysuckle (for walls & ceiling) We named this cheerful color Honeysuckle because it looks like the honeysuckle flower at its most golden stage. This pale yellow with hints of pink is a mental color, encouraging creativity and curiosity as well as optimism.

Citrine (for walls & ceiling) is a soft gold which warms and illuminates an otherwise dark space. It's a very philosophical and spiritual color, promoting compassion and positive change.

Camelhair (for walls & ceiling) is the classic hue of a camelhair coat which warms and grounds a space, as it is a mixture of mental yellows and stabilizing browns.

Mustard Seed (for walls & ceiling) is the exact color of a mustard seed and has the same emotional properties as Camelhair.

Cognac (for walls & ceiling) is a pale "antique" gold that glows with warmth and positive, radiant energy.


Parchment (for walls, ceiling and trim) is a classic “yellow beige” that warms and uplifts any room. It is often used as a trim color.

Wheat (for walls & ceiling) is the color of wheat, a warm golden neutral. Beautiful, yet subtle.


Sand (for walls & ceiling) is the color of sand, a warm classic neutral.

Khaki (for walls & ceiling) is another warm, soothing neutral.

Mushroom Mushroom (for walls, ceiling & trim) is a warm, soft beige with chameleon-like properties in that it's not only the "basic beige" but it constantly changes hues. Mushroom is our own combination of sophistication and timelessness. Featured in September 2007 House Beautiful Magazine and HB Colors For Your Home.

Putty (for walls, ceiling & trim) is a soft, misty taupe, more gray than beige, but with the same chameleon qualities as our other neutrals. We use it often with Lichen.

Greige (for walls & ceiling) is a cross between gray and beige, a classic neutral that works well with all soothing greens.

Beige (for walls & ceiling) is the classic neutral beige. For a different look, try it with Gustavian Grey trim. It works well with water colors like Oasis, Seafoam and Azure.

Taupe (for walls & ceiling) is light neutral yet constantly changing taupe. The perfect neutral that coordinates most furnishings while soothing the space's occupants.

Bark (for walls & ceiling) is light neutral gray. Due to its chameleon qualities, its color is constantly shifting.

Pumice (for walls & ceiling) is light warm gray, also with chameleon qualities, its color is constantly shifting.

silt Silt (for walls & ceiling) is lighter than Stone and coordinates beautifully with it. It also goes beautifully with most all of the other colors in Nature's Palette.
stone Stone(for walls & ceiling) is one of those neutrals that seems to go with just about everything. It's an unusual grey that changes constantly with the light, both calming and nurturing.
lilac mist Lilac Mist (for walls & ceiling) is a soothing mauve-gray that promotes relaxation and contemplation.
terracotta sand

Terracotta Sand (for walls & ceiling) is a fleshy, sandy terracotta which soothes due to its beige/brown undertones. Trim of Lichen or Edgewood Green compliments this terracotta color.

Light Terracotta (for walls & ceiling)is an earthy peach which we use often in bathrooms as it is very flattering for the complexion. It also works well in dining rooms since it promotes social activity. It has the anti-depressant qualities of orange tinged with brown's stabilizing effect.

Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice (for walls & ceiling) combines the thought energy of yellow with the action energy of red, encouraging balance, wholeness, health and vitality. It is a joyous color - great for hallways and foyers where drama is desired.

Rust (for walls & ceiling) is a deep, rusty orange. This social color is perfect for kitchens, dining rooms, living areas and foyers.

Berry Red (for walls and ceiling) is a deep red, similar to a classic “barn red”. When applied to an entire wall, it almost looks like leather.

Old Brick (for walls & ceiling) is a perfect earthy red. We use it often in kitchens, dining rooms, foyers, and hallways, as red promotes physical and social activities. Used in a bedroom, it encourages passion!

Grand Teton Clay (for walls & ceiling) is a more rusty red which can be used in the same type spaces as Old Brick. Its orange undertones encourage joy more than passion, however.

Pueblo (for walls & ceiling) s the exact color of the clay you see in pueblo homes out West. Its earthy quality promotes both security and happiness.


Bronze (for walls & ceiling) is almost metallic -- a cross between copper and bronze that will warm any space dramatically.


Chestnut (for walls & ceiling) is a warm, toasty brown. This color is beautiful with Gustavian Grey trim and blue ceilings (or accent walls), like Azure, Seafoam or Oasis.

Adobe (for walls & ceiling) is the color of the clay used in the adobe construction of the West. It's rosy beige qualities are comforting and nurturing.

cafe au lait
Café au Lait (for walls & ceiling) looks just like you’d think it would, coffee with lots of milk. A grounding neutral that works well in any setting. Try it with Sage or Edgewood Green trim for an earthy look. Rainbow Fog, Classic Cream, Snow & Greige also make good trim colors with Café’ au Lait.

Mocha (for walls, ceiling & trim) epitomizes home & comfort. This light chocolate brown promotes stability and security. Brown, like green, is a ray of balance.

Milk Chocolate (for walls, ceiling & trim) is a darker brown with violet undertones and the same emotional qualities as Mocha.