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Spring 2005

Dear Friends,

Everywhere I look, I see Spring Green! Here in the woods in West Feliciana Parish, I'm seeing brand new leaves everywhere. The way the light filters through them is breath-taking and rejuvenating! It reminds me of why John James Audubon called this area his "happy land." Actually, "Feliciana" is Spanish for "happy land," and West Feliciana Parish has been said to have the most diverse flora and fauna in the continental United States. Hence the reason Audubon painted most of his Birds of America Series here.

It's going to be the perfect setting for our "Joy Fest Weekend" next month (May 13-15). I hope you'll be able to join us for what promises to be a powerful, transformational weekend with Julia Rogers Hamrick, spiritual growth facilitator and author of the very popular Recreating Eden. The fun begins with a wine & cheese booksigning and talk at the incredible Baton Rouge home of renowned artist, Rigsby Frederick, followed by two days of more joy-filled fun and learning on the grounds of beautiful Shadetree and Hemingbough. There's even going to be Full Spectrum Paint involved...For more information, please read our " Invitation to Joy."

SO much has happened since my last newsletter! As business has continued to grow, I've added some wonderful new people to my staff, opened a warehouse and a new office. One minute, I'm working out of my home with pitchers of paint in my laundry room (where we poured the sample jars), answering my own phone, consulting with clients and placing paint orders, (and, starting to feel a little overwhelmed with trying to do everything there is to be done in too little space). The next minute, I have a team of wonderful women who've come to my rescue, new warehouse space, and new office space!

Jamie Kent oversees the warehouse, where she and Jennifer Douglas make sure we have painted samples in stock, fill jars, and handle all of the packing and shipping. Mey Vidrine has become my invaluable right hand. She set up and organized the warehouse as well as a new purchase order system, working many 80 hour weeks! Michelle Spencer cheerfully answers the phone most days, and Debbie Langston, who saved the day when we were getting more than 50 calls a day, continues to be there to pinch hit whenever we need her. I feel so blessed to have such an enthusiastic, competent group to support me!

Our new office is on the grounds of Shadetree, the bed and breakfast I helped Kenwood Kennon create back when our daughter Alexandra was first born. It's a 4-acre hilltop bird sanctuary in St. Francisville's historic district, where you'll find us during the week from 9 til 5, except on Fridays, when we try to take off at noon. However, our answering service knows to call our cell phones if someone needs some paint! In fact, last weekend, Mey, Jamie and I drove to Little Rock, Arkansas to attend the Arkansas Literacy Festival where my good friend Jim Morgan, author of Chasing Matisse had just arrived from Paris. On the ride up, Mey drove while Jamie checked emails and faxed in orders via her cell phone. Modern technology is amazing!

Friday evening, we attended the "Wine & Sign Author's Party," and met many interesting writers who were there signing their books. Chasing Matisse was by far the best seller at the party! I had already bought a copy through (hard cover is reduced from $25 to only $16.50) and read most of it. I finished it on the way home, and have to say, I didn't want it to end! I loved living vicariously via Jim's beautiful descriptions of the scenery and interesting people he met while visiting the places where Henri Matisse painted. Jim mentioned that he and his wife Beth, who writes "Beth's Diary" on their website,, are thinking about giving some "Chasing Matisse Tours." I'll be the first to sign up, and hope if you're interested, you'll buy the book and visit their website where you can email them to let them know if you can come, too!

I hope you'll come visit us in beautiful St. Francisville for our Joy Weekend next month. There are still some overnight accommodations available at Shadetree and Hemingbough, and St. Francisville is known for it's charming B&Bs. I'd be delighted to help with transportation and accommodations and any questions you might have.

Have a Joyful Spring!


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